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Trust Your Vibes

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Sonia Choquette says: You are lucky, because you have the sixth sense as well. In fact everyone does.

Webcast with Live chat - Bestselling author Sonia Choquette talks about the sixth sence, and how we all can use it to live a less stressfull, happier life.

Trust Your Sixth Sense

Sonia Choquette worked with many people around the globe who look for guidance and answers, particularly regarding their work life. For her clients, often students, worries about work have become overwhelming. Their lives are filled with stress, anxiety, frustation in these harsh economic times.

But not all of Sonia’s guests are like this. Some of them feel at home in the game of work and have good defenses against professional woes of any kind. Who are these people? Trust-fund babies? Harvard graduates? Lottery winners? None. They’ve done one simple thing. They’ve decided to follow their sixth sense to guide them always in every single case in their career growth. You are lucky, because you have the sixth sense as well. In fact everyone does. The good thing is that it is ready to put to use in your work life immediately. And the best thing is that this event will teach you exactly how to do it simply!

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