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Krishna Das

Krishna Das is arguably the best known U.S. singer of Indian kirtan-style devotional music.

Krishna Das traveled to India in the 1960s where, along with Ram Dass, he studied with a Hindu guru named Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji). Krishna Das is arguably the best known U.S. singer of Indian kirtan-style devotional music.

Krishna Das has recorded a number of variations of the Hanuman Chalisa, a 40 stanza Hindi devotional poem to Hanuman by Tulsidas (c.1600). In recent years, he has also performed and recorded "Jesus is on the Mainline"; he comments that he read the Gospels while in India and that "they sound a lot different at 10,000 feet". Krishna Das has also remarked that there been some criticism about an "ex jewish boy" chanting the name of Jesus. And he responds to this saying that his guru Maharaj-ji once said Jesus is love, and so now he`s singing about love.

Krishna Das has written about how his Guru put him onto the path of Kirtan, and a quotation follows:

'At what would turn out to be my last darshan of Maharaj-ji's physical body, I was petrified with fear about returning to the U.S. after so many years. I hadn't worn a pair of jeans or shoes for such a long time that I couldn't imagine what it would be like. I didn't want to ask Maharaj-ji what I should do in America, but all of a sudden I blurted out in anguish, 'Maharaj-ji! How can I serve you in America?' 'He looked at me with mock disgust and said, 'What is this? If you ask how you should serve then it is no longer service. Do what you want.' I couldn't believe my ears. How could doing what I wanted to do be of service to him? I didn't have that kind of faith. I just sat there, stunned. Then after a minute or so he looked over at me, smiling sweetly, and asked, 'So, how will you serve me?' 'My mind was blank. It was time for me to leave for Delhi, to catch the plane back to the States. He was looking at me and laughing. I bent down and touched his feet for the last time and when I looked up he, he was beaming at me, 'So, how will you serve me in America?' I felt like I was moving in a dream. I floated across the courtyard and bowed to him one more time from a distance. As I did, the words came to me, 'I will sing to you in America.' 'Soon afterwards, during the full moon in September, Neem Karoli Baba left his body. Now he had to be found within. The chanting, the meditation, the puja and all the wonderful time spent with Maharaj-ji turned out to be seeds that he himself had planted in my heart... seeds that would keep growing and blossom by his Grace.

Esoguru broadcasted his events from the session Open Your Heart in Paradise December 17th-19th 2010 live. . The recording is unavailable due to expired rights.

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